The market of alcoholic products in Ukraine offers the buyer a wide range of products - both domestic drinks and imported alcohol from even the most remote corners of the…

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The most expensive brandy in the world
French cognac is today considered the best. It is called the divine Hennessy Cognac Ellipse Beverage. Wealthy gourmets sometimes acquire a peculiar hobby - they collect rare kinds of cognac.…

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Where do cognac?
It is unlikely for someone to be a big surprise to hear that brandy is from France. You are undoubtedly aware of this. As well as that the name of…

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How to choose a cognac: we select a drink for the event

Coming to the store for brandy, it is important to clearly define what purpose you are doing. This will help you choose the right drink. In this case, correctness does not mean the quality or authenticity of the product, but its conformity with the event you have planned. Continue reading

Useful properties and composition of brandy

Cognac in its composition is quite diverse. The main part of its components consists of alcohols, organic acids, ethyl esters.

The drink has a positive effect on the body, biologically active substances of brandy have antioxidant properties.

The content in the composition of brandy tannins and tannin improves the body’s perception of vitamin C, has anti-inflammatory effect. Continue reading

How to drink brandy?

French playwright Jean-Claude Briswil wrote the play “Dinner”, where Talleyrand teaches Minister Fouche to drink cognac. There is a very curious scene: “With your permission, they do not drink cognac like that,” the diplomat said. – Take a look, please. You take a glass, warm in the palm of your hand, rotate slightly, so that the moisture exudes aroma. Then bring it to your lips, inhale … ”Fouche raises her eyebrows:“ And then? ”Talleyrand wonders:“ Next? Put it on the table. And this is not a joke, but rather a manual for beginners. Continue reading

How to determine the age of brandy?

Hard standards, including the cognac age control system, are established by the National Interprofessional Cognac Bureau.
Consumers can learn about the age (and quality) of cognac by the special designations on the labels of bottles. All terms specified in the classification mean that each of the alcohols included in this cognac has an aging period of at least specified.

The term of exposure is considered to be from the morning of April 1, following the official termination of the distillation of wine of a given crop. Continue reading

How to make brandy?

Next – a few words about the production technology of brandy. October is coming. Going white grapes. This is usually a sort of “uni blanc” (in 90% of cases, it is he).

Cognac: history, age determination, drinking culture, tips

In addition, for the production of cognac are also used, but to a much lesser extent, varieties “Kolombar” (solombard), “foil blanche” (folle blanche) and “montil” (monthil) – they are less resistant to diseases, more difficult to grow, although alcohols from these varieties are more aromatic and have a richer flavoring palette. Continue reading

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Where do cognac?
It is unlikely for someone to be a big surprise to hear that brandy is from France. You are undoubtedly aware of this. As well as that the name of…


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