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How to recognize a real cognac

Cognac is a noble drink that can not only delight the human senses with its unique color, taste and aroma, but with moderate consumption also benefits health. It can be taken orally in small doses to improve digestion and improve the tone of the body with headaches and loss of strength.
However, even if you prefer real French brandies of famous brands, there is always the risk of finding counterfeit products in a bottle with a familiar label. A person who is just starting his acquaintance with this drink, among a variety of brands and varieties, often cannot independently determine which brandy is better. Experts may come to the rescue in this case, as well as legislation regulating its production.

First of all, it is worth mentioning the rating of cognacs. Traditionally, they are 500 people who have been tasting this drink for at least the last three years and are considered professionals in this field. To determine which brandy is better, they test its best brands and varieties and make a special rating. Despite the fact that many of these professionals are successors of dynasties and for many years engaged in tasting cognacs, one should not underestimate the influence on their choice of subjective preferences.

By the way, similar ratings are also compiled in Russia, which make it possible to find out how good cognac can be purchased in our country. Based on these data, drinks are assigned a number of stars. Both taste and drink price depend on it. The best cognacs have five stars. However, a drink with three or four stars can also be very tasty and of high quality.
zdfhHardly controversy is ongoing over the geographical component of the production of real cognac. For example, the French claim that only the drink produced in the provinces of Petite Champagne and Grand Champagne can be considered as such, and nowhere else. In this, the world trading community agrees with them, which prescribes to call all beverages produced using this technology outside of France, the term “brandy”.

In the post-Soviet space, another trade agreement comes into force based on domestic quality standards. Accordingly, the cognac, which is produced in this territory, can actually be quite legitimately called in this way. However, the best is still considered to be brandy of France.
Choosing brandy directly in the store, you should consider a number of special factors that will allow you to buy real drink of good quality.

Answering the question about which brandy is better, first of all it is necessary to examine the bottles themselves, into which it is poured. Rather, you need to study the label of the drink. Real cognac always provides the following information about yourself:

ddf – the name of the actual beverage and the organization that made it;
– responsible manufacturers on the label must indicate the volume of the bottle;
– indicate the date of bottling of the drink;
– confirmation of compliance with the standards of GOST;
– it is on the label that the number of stars awarded to this cognac by the experts is indicated;
– the term and storage conditions of cognac;
– The age of the drink is also usually written on the labels of vintage cognacs.

Based on this basic information, you can judge the quality of the drink offered to you. But what a good brandy like a particular person depends on the individual taste. In addition, even without being an expert in this field, it is possible to independently assess brandy by some characteristic signs.
Firstly, when choosing a drink, you need to pay attention to its strength. The quality of the drink, it can vary, accounting for 38 – 40%. Despite the fact that the degree of the alcohols that make up the brandy can reach up to 72%, its strength cannot exceed the 40-degree mark.

Secondly, the quality of cognac can be judged by its color. Usually it is a golden shade, reminiscent of the color of amber. The consistency of the drink is also important – it should be transparent. The purity of cognac is determined using a simple test: you need to leave a fingerprint on the glass with a drink, and then turn it over and check whether it is visible through the liquid. Real cognac should not be cloudy, so if this drink did not pass the test in your glass, you need to think about whether you should drink it at all.

Understanding which brandy is the best, one can not fail to mention its taste and aroma. They read the notes of grape distillate with a vanilla component, acquiring a unique originality during aging in oak barrels.

However, it is possible to judge the quality of brandy by its external features without even opening the bottle. Just flip it upside down and watch how the drink behaves. If it immediately flows down the walls, it means that before you the brandy is fresh and young. This is a reason to doubt its quality. Good brandy, flowing down, leaves a clear mark.

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